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About Ernst Wilhelm

I have always had an avid interest and wonder in astrology even at the age of twelve. At sixteen, while browsing a bookstore, I came across planetary ephemeris for calculating the position of all the planets and the astrological houses. I was quite amazed at this – that all the planets were calculated to erect a horoscope, for I had only been familiar with the common Sun sign astrology up to that point. Very much interested, I wanted to purchase the books, but could not afford the seventy-eighty dollars as I was a jobless youth at the time completing my high school education and spending all my free time training for bicycle racing. Fortunately, I did not have to wait long for astrological opportunity to present itself again.

Four years later I was visiting an older friend, a wonderful chiropractor, who phoned an astrologer friend of his so that I could have my horoscope read. The astrologer, her name was Nancy, read my horoscope for a good ninety minutes, and being an exceptional astrologer, had much more to say even after ninety minutes. However, my friend was urging me to get off the phone to avoid the high long distance phone rates at the time and so the reading came to an end. The next day, however, I would be driving through the very city in which this astrologer lived and so she invited me to visit her. Needless to say, I was very excited the next day to hear more about my horoscope and so I woke up early and drove the 600 miles to her house way above and beyond the speed limit. (I must have had the fortune of leaving during a favorable astrological moment as I did not get a speeding ticket.) Upon arriving, the astrologer fed a proper lunch to me and then proceeded to teach me how to calculate a horoscope. I was following along, but thinking, “what about my horoscope, when are you going to talk more about my horoscope, why are we doing all these calculations?” but said nothing and learned the calculations that she wished to teach me. After teaching me the calculations, she once again fed me, as a proper host should, packed me off to bed and woke me early in the morning to send me on my way – without one word about my horoscope. Honest to say, I was quite disappointed in not having more of my horoscope read, but satisfied myself on the trip home by perusing the lessons she had given me.

Her teaching horoscope calculations was to prove much more valuable to me than any reading could have at that time. For it was not more than a year later that I was in dire need for answers to a crumbling life. In desperation I called my mother and had her dig up and ship those astrology texts and ephemeris to me. Two weeks of hard study, including a couple of trips to the bookstore, and life was making prefect sense through the astrological looking glass and at that point I began to devote all my time to studying the powerful science of astrology.

Since then my studies have been varied. I started out studying Western astrology and in a short while felt very confident and began reading horoscopes – until one day I was asked specific questions by a client that I just could not answer. (This is not to be derogatory to the Western tradition of astrology which I believe has much to offer.) After three years of study with the hope of becoming an astrologer, I did not have what I needed – so what to do? I could not think of anything and so I checked into an ashram with the idea of staying there for eight months. After a month of being in the Ashram, the idea of Vedic Astrology came to my mind , so on my birthday that March I ordered a copy of the great Sanskrit astrology text Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra and began a serious study of it.

Just weeks after getting my hands on Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, I met a young gentleman by name of Gaetano who gifted a library to me of all the current Vedic Astrology books available at the time. His goal was to become a monk and so he was giving up all his texts. He had lived in India for several years and studied astrology while there and, fortunately for me, purchased volumes of astrology texts.

As happy as I was to receive all those books, a few years of studying them made it quite clear that only a handful of texts where thoroughly scientific in nature and these were all ancient texts from India written in Sanskrit. Discarding the rest, I devoted myself to the sole study of these few most worthwhile texts and wrote several books based on the principles found in these ancient Sanskrit books. The necessary research to cull the truth out of these great ancient texts required a software that calculates the scientific aspects of astrology, for which reason I began to develop Kala Vedic Astrology Software. This brings me to the good fortune of my wife, Srishti, the programmer of Kala and of the software that creates the reports for this website. I met Srishti while in India. She was one of several programmers working on various astrological software. It was not long after meeting her that I knew she could be my wife (actually, I had predicted the day I would meet my wife, which was the day I met Srishti, but it was not long after I met her that I knew I would be better off and happier married to her as well!). Srishti has made many things in my astrological life possible. From programming countless theories for my testing and research to programming a great software package and to most importantly never holding me back from my studies and pursuit of astrology.

In recent years we created a relationship report software and leased its use to various internet companies. Watching them have great success with our reports and then thinking that the World Wide Web can always be a better place we decided to make our own astrology report site, so here we are...


Ernst Wilhelm


Srishti Wilhelm