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"Relationship Timing" Report

The Relationship Timing Report uses Vedic Astrology principles to show the dates of all the relationship centered days for you to look forward to for a five year period. Days of love and affection, marriage and commitment, co-creation (mutual productivity, children, etc.) and “soul mate” days of deep bonding are all shown. The report also indicates which of these days will be the important life changing days and which will just be nice relationship centered days, but not life changing days. The report does not time days of quarrelling, breaking up, divorce and other such tragedies – life is hard enough without having a time table of horrible days to look towards, so we decided not to add those days into the report. If you have one of those days, just look for the next favorable love day to come along in your Relationship Timing report, during which you will be able to improve your relationship in some way.

This report is a 5 year long list of relationship events and their dates.

Birth Time Requirements: This is an event predictive report and for predicting events accurate birth time is essential. It is just not possible to make predictions with inaccurate birth time, so make sure that you have your birth time to the minute from a reliable source such as your birth certificate.

What the Relationship Timing Report Does not do: The Relationship Timing report times events based on what is moving through your horoscope. It does not read your relationship foundation destiny. What is reading your relationship foundation destiny? That is examining your chart to see if you will be married in this lifetime, or not. And if yes, will it happen early in life, in the middle of your life, or late in life? Will you have children or not? Etc. Since the Relationship Timing report does not determine your foundation destiny in this way it may, for example, show love days even though your destiny may be saying that love will only come late in life, or not at all, in which case the love days will be some other expression of love or attraction and not necessarily meeting your life partner. For the average person with an average destiny which includes some of everything, this will not be a problem, but if you are one of the rare people whose destiny does not include marriage then the Relationship Timing Report will not know that fact. Why doesn’t the Relationship Timing Report determine your Relationship foundation destiny for what you will and will not have in this lifetime? The main reason is that computers can be pretty cold and we just have not thought of a way to present what can be very daunting information through a computer report as any such predictions on destiny need to have the wisdom of your life’s path behind it. For those types of readings, an astrologer who looks at your entire life in the context of what you will and will not have so that you can see your destiny in its entirety as the wonderful thing it is and not as a narrow and restricted path. If at some point we can get a computer to put out a report of that magnitude in a way that is helpful and understanding, you can bet that we will do it!


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