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Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology?

While some like to debate that astrology from one part of the world is better than another, the truth is that both Western and Vedic Astrology are Zodiacal Astrology, meaning they both use the 12 signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. The roots of astrology go back far earlier than recorded history. In fact, Indian astrological lore dates the use of astrology from 6,000 BC and interesting enough, there is archeological evidence of astrology found in Europe and England also dated at 6,000 BC! My opinion is that all the various systems of Zodiacal Astrology: Persian, Greek, Indian/Vedic and modern Western Astrology are all part of a larger greater system dating back to the distant past, at least 4,000 years before written history. India, however, can boast of the longest continuity of culture, religion and language (Sanskrit) in the world. For this reason, the ancient system of astrology has been better preserved in India than any other part of the world. India has, in fact, even preserved the most complete system of Persian astrology as well and it is Persian astrology that modern Western Astrology comes from. So really, all Zodiacal Astrology is one very, very large system with many, many techniques. The wise astrologer will use the best technique for the job and more often than not those techniques will have been preserved in India which, well protected by the Himalayas, maintained its link to ancient knowledge better than the rest of the world which had so many more cultural, religious and linguistic changes.

My report horoscope is different than the horoscope that an astrologer gave me, is there something wrong?

No, there is probably not anything wrong. Different astrologers use some different calculation corrections when calculating the Vedic horoscope and so you may get a some differences in your chart with different astrologers. But the astrologer you are seeing has honed his intuition and experience with the particular corrections that he is using. So even though two astrologers are using somewhat different charts, they are usually the same accurate in their readings. When it comes to your report from VaultoftheHeavens.com, we have done more extensive testing and research than anyone else on the planet into all these corrections and calculations so that the computer does calculate your horoscope as per the ancient Indian astrological texts. So rather than looking at a chart that may be different, read your report and see if it rings true.

Will my report be available online later?

Yes, your report will be available online for a year in case you ever need to get another copy of it. An email will be sent to you that has a link to your report, so as long as you save that email or link, you will be able to access your report again.

How accurate does my birth time have to be?

Ideally birth time should be accurate to the minute, but that is rarely the case. Fortunately astrology works very well even if the birth time is only accurate to within 5 minutes and hospitals are usually at least that accurate in taking down the birth time. For some reports your birth time can be off much more than 5 minutes, even a few hours. For each report we give the birth time requirements, so just check that to make sure you time is accurate enough for the report.

I do not have my birth time, can I still get a report?

Yes you can. Check the details for each report by following the link to that report. Some reports are accurate even without your birth time, while others need an exact time, so just check the Required Birth Time for each report before you order to insure that your birth time is accurate enough to get a useful report.

My mother said I was born at this time, should I still check my birth certificate?

Yes, still check your birth certificate if possible. Mother's memory in respect to birth times can be incorrect. Often AM and PM get mixed up, or 3:24 is remembered 30 years later as 3:42. I see it occasionally in my practice where a person swears their mother knows their time and a few weeks later they check their birth certificate only to find that their mother was actually wrong. So if you have your birth certificate, it never hurts to check it. If you do not, trust your mother, chances are she is right, checking your birth certificate will just weed out those 3% of moms who do mix it up.

Why do you make such a big deal about birth time, other report sites do not?

Because we want you to get an accurate report that is about YOU, not the person born in the same hospital earlier or later than you. Other sites probably just want your money more than that and while we realize that being sticklers about birth time is going to make some of you not get a report, we are going to be happier knowing you did not get an inaccurate report even if we end up having to tighten our belts a notch.


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