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"Financial Timing" Report

The Financial Timing Report uses Vedic Astrology principles to show the dates of all the financially beneficial days for you to look forward to for a five year period. Days of extra income, financially fortunate days and the days of setting the foundation for financial success are all shown. The report indicates which of these days will be the important life changing days during which long term financial benefits will begin as well as minor financially beneficial days that just give a little extra here and there. The report does not time days of financial loss or disaster – life is hard enough without having a time table of horrible days to look towards, so we decided to not put those days into the report. If you have one of those days, just look for the next favorable financial day to come along in your Financial Timing report, during which you will be able to improve your finances in some way.

This report is a 5 year long list of financial events and their dates.

Birth Time Requirements: This is an event predictive report and for predicting events accurate birth time is essential. It is just not possible to make predictions with inaccurate birth time, so make sure that you have your birth time to the minute from a reliable source such as your birth certificate.

What the Financial Timing Report Does not do: The Financial Timing report times events based on what is moving through your horoscope. It does not read your financial foundation destiny. What is reading your financial foundation destiny? That is examining your chart to see if you will be a millionaire in this lifetime, or not. And if yes, will it happen early in life, in the middle of your life, or late in life? What the report does do is give the financially important days in your life but whether those will be days you get a couple hundred dollars or a half million depends on your foundation destiny.


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