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Muhurta/Electional Date Finder

One of the most advantageous uses of astrology is in finding auspicious moments to begin an event. (This is known as Muhurta in India and as Electional Astrology in the West.) Remember buying a computer, car, house or some other expensive item and having nothing but problems with it? When problems such as these occur, it is likely that they were started at astrologically unfavorable moments. Starting these and other important activities during astrologically favorable moments can smooth out the road to success with whatever you start in life, be it a relationship, marriage, a job or even feeding your child the first time.

VaultoftheHeavens.com uses a very involved Vedic Astrology date finding system as illustrated in my book, "Classical Muhurta", to find the most auspicious moment to begin an activity. Our date finder crunches 10 times the factors that even the most skilled astrologers use to make sure that nothing is overlooked in finding the most favorable moments to begin the important activities in your life.

VaultoftheHeavens.com's auspicious date finder can find auspicious moments for you to begin relationships, marriage, business, buying and selling, moving, travel, education, activities with children, and just about any other important activity you can imagine.



Birth Time Requirements: If you have your birth time, use it in our date finder, if you do not, just your birth day will be sufficient. In fact, a good astrological moment is just about as good for one person as the next so you can find auspicious dates to start events even if you do not know your birthday.

What an Auspicious Starting Moment Will and Will Not Do: Beginning an event during an auspicious moment will smooth out your destiny in respect to the event. It will not, however, create an event where you have no destiny for the event. For instance, if a person does not have the destiny to win the lottery, buying a lottery ticket at a favorable moment will not cause them to win the lottery. If, on the other hand, the person has the destiny to win the lottery and if they purchase the lottery ticket at an auspicious moment then, when they do win the lottery, the whole process of collecting the money, dealing with the taxes, dealing with the stress of being instantly wealthy, etc. will all go smoother and they will also use the money more intelligently. So finding an auspicious date makes life smoother and more harmonious, but it does not change our fate from black to white.


The following events are searchable by our Date Finder:


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